Carmageddon 2 BETA Mod Now Released!

After months and months of working on it (and a lot of time not working on it), my BETA Mod for Carmageddon 2 is finally complete and ready to be released!

Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now! BETA Modification is a complete conversion of Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now! and a standalone release, it is available in two formats, ZIP archive and a hassle-free installer that includes shortcuts and a configuration screen before you play the mod for the first time!

The mod includes an easy-to-setup Glidewrapper that will make the game look it’s best, if you download the installer then it will automatically prompt you on setting up the Glidewrapper for the game, if you download the zipped archive then you will have to configure the included Glidewrapper manually. Includes nGlide, you may also use dgvoodoo but will have to download it separately.

Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now! BETA Modification includes the following features:

-Brand new, complex font system based on fonts that appear in early builds of Carmageddon 2
-Tweaked powerups based on older designs of powerups
-New explosion, splash, flames and smoke effects based on earlier builds of Carmageddon 2
-New intro cutscene based on demo versions of the game
-Early incomplete drones present in previews of Carmageddon 2 are back in the game and original drone paths are now active within certain levels
-All new, grittier menu UI and cleaner layout
-Brand new pedestrians based on early concepts by Stainless
-Unused pedestrians are back in the game
-OLD powerup boxes
-Altered level order
-Increased opponent amount
-Damage system reworked to make cars easier to bend as evidenced in demo versions of the game
-Tweaked levels based on early designs, levels also now play at different times of day as evidenced in some early screenshots
– Menu and Car images based on early appearances

-The following vehicle changes based on early concepts/builds are present:

Hell Rod – Old wheels, now features blue outline around it’s flames, driver also changed to Mad Harry
Bug Too – Minor changes based on old textures
Buzzmobile – Driver textures based on original Buzz appearance
Purple Piledriver – Official in-dev Stainless model featuring blades on the wheels as originally intended, driver also changed to AJP Hate
DC Codbra – Old wheels, added blood back to the vehicle, other minor changes
Copcar – Old design based on unused textures for the vehicle, now uses a similar colour scheme to C1 cops
Red Vet – Added blood back
Lamb O’Genie – Added blood back, driver also changed to Larry Lamba
Digga – Official complete Stainless model, features a variation of original textures, Digga lives!
Plow Mk2 – Added blood back
Eagle 3 – Four models of the Eagle are available in the game, by default the Demo model but Prototype, Alpha and Final Eagle 3 models unlock upon completion of the game
Cow Poker – Fixed alpha channels
Hick Pickup – Uses original textures, as evidenced in early screenshots
Ice Van – Mentioned during the development of the game and only ever appearing in Carmageddon 64, the Ice Cream Van is back in the game and unlocks upon completion!
Mad Morris – Fixed alpha channels, driver also changed to Stalwart Fellow
Monster Beatle – Model fixed up, uses old textures based on unused textures and early appearances of the vehicle
Prop Shafter – Now in it’s original, bright orange paintjob!
Porker 2 – Added blood back, uses original textures, headlights now properly implemented, driver also changed to Sid Pig
Blood Riviera – Added blood back, vehicle based on it’s appearance in early screenshots
Twister 2 – Official in-dev Stainless model featuring rear drill as originally intended
Tashita 2 – Fixed headlights, uses original textures
Vlad 3 – Added blood back
Abba Cab – Uses original textures as evidenced by early screenshots
Flower Plower – Now appears as an opponent
Street Machine – Added blood back, uses original textures based on early concepts and it’s Carmageddon 64 appearance



Mod created by: Razor
Official in-dev templates, models, scenes, levels, textures, builds, executables, files courtesy of: Errol
Fixed Monster Bug, Digga, Red Hawk, Icevan, Cerby & other little fixes courtesy of: Toshiba-3
Tips on the font system of Carma2: Harmalarm
This modification is based on early assets & original concepts by Stainless Games
Thanks for helping me out with insight and information during the development of this mod: Nobby, Shane

Toshiba-3, Razor

[Standalone Installer (Carmageddon2BETA_Installer.exe) ~120mb]
[Zipped Archive ( ~119mb]

This mod is packed up in such a way that it should be as simple as installing (or unzipping) and just running the game without any issue, however, if you do encounter issues then do not hesitate to leave a comment with your issue and I will get back to you ASAP to resolve the problems you have.

Please note the game crashing on exit is a known issue with all versions of Carmageddon 2 on modern operating systems and cannot be fixed, it does not affect the game or corrupt any data in any way, it’s just a CrashToDesktop error when the game quits.

Cheers and enjoy,

Update (08/01/2017): 


In older operating systems (Windows XP), playing this mod will cause the game to crash on start, every single time. If you’re encountering this issue on an older operating system this happens because the winmm.dll file within the main directory of the mod (this file is a wrapper for the CD audio) is causing the game to crash, there are two solutions to this problem:

  1. Rename or delete this file- Either rename it to “winmm.dll.bak” or remove it completely, the side-effect of this fix is that you will no longer have any music within the game.
  2. Download [this file (winmm.dll) ~50kb] and save it into the main directory of the mod install (default location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Carmageddon 2 BETA Mod), this should resolve the crashing issue and keep the music intact.

Big thanks to QTZ for advising of this issue and the fixes for it.

If you encounter any further issues on older operating systems, either leave a comment here or head on over to either of the Carmageddon forums, here at CWABoard or here at the official Carmageddon forums, thank you.

Carmageddon 2 BETA MOD fonts complete!

So I’ve finally completed the fonts that are to be used in my BETA MOD, here’s how I have done it.
During the process of creating this mod I’ve discovered a lot of secrets about how the final version of this game handles fonts and have documented these discoveries, using this knowledge I have recreated the scrolling bonus messages from early builds of the game using the final game’s font system.

How have I done this? I’m glad you asked! Using the discovery I made in the previous article I posted I have used some of the game’s 158 unused but supported characters to create different colour letters so that I can get around the game’s font colour limitations that I documented in my original font discovery post.
Below is a screenshot of the contents of \data\64x48x8\FONTS\Big_Italic\TiffRGB in my BETA MOD

Click the image for a fullscreen view.

As you can see there are multiple different duplicate letters/numbers in different styles and colours, each and every one of these use a different characters supported by the game, I did this so that (as mentioned previously) I could get around the limitations of the font colours that persist due to the polygonal font system and FONTCOL.TXT and get various messages of multiple different colours displaying on screen through SCROLLERS.TXT without having to hack the executable itself.

I worked out which characters I could utilise and created the following grid:
0 !"#$% &'()*   10
10 +,-./ 01234  20
20 56789 :;<=>  30
30 ?@ABC DEFGH  40
50 STUVW XYZ[\  60
60 ]^_`a bcdef  70
70 ghijk lmnop  80
80 qrstu vwxyz  90
90 {|}~. €.‚ƒ„  100
100 …†‡ˆ‰ Š‹Œ.Ž 110
110 ..‘’“ ”•–—˜ 120
120 ™š›œ. žŸ ¡¢ 130
130 £¤¥¦§ ¨©ª«¬ 140
140 .®¯°± ²³´µ¶ 150
150 ·¸¹º» ¼½¾¿À 160
180 ÕÖ×ØÙ ÚÛÜÝÞ 190
190 ßàáâã äåæçè 200
200 éêëìí îïðñò 210
210 óôõö÷ øùúûü 220
220 ýþÿþ        224

This grid of numbers contains every single character that is supported and can be displayed in the game (we ignore the lower-case characters as they display the same values as their upper-case counterparts when input into SCROLLERS.TXT,) as you can see I’ve separated the fonts into 2 columns of 5 characters each and numbered each end of the grid so I can easily work out which number each character is, from here all I had to do was pick an unused character, count which number it is and then do the math of # + 33 – 1 and that would get me the name of the .TIF image I needed to create for that character (I explained this process in greater detail in my previous article.)

After doing this for the different types and colours of font I wanted to use in BIG_ITALIC, I laid out another grid like so:

This shows the new alphabet I created but instead of typing ABC you would instead type ÀÁ‚ respectively which would give you ABC in the new letters I just created, so for example here is SPLATTER_BONUS in this new alphabet: ÒÏÀÓÓÄÑ_ÁÎÍÔÒ

From here I painstakingly worked out each and every bonus message that was to be displayed in SCROLLERS.TXT in this specific font and added them into said text file, here is now a portion of that altered file:
4, 23,|_@;%#;_#;$*& // 18
4, 23,^_@;%#;_#;$*& // 19
4, 23,{_@;%#;_#;$*& // 20
4, 23,}_@;%#;_#;$*& // 21
4, 23,]_@;%#;_#;$*& // 22
4, 23,[_@;%#;_#;$*& // 23
4, 23,\_@;%#;_#;$*& // 24
4, 23,=_@;%#;_#;$*& // 25
4, 23,10x_@;%#;_#;$*& // 26
4, 23,"ÍÈÂÄ_ÒÇÎÓ+_ÒÈÑ€" //"nice_shot+_sir€" // 27
4, 21,‡¢ŽŽ‹ŽŠ_Ÿ¡¢Ž¡_†™Ž¢Ÿ //cunning_stunt_bonus // 28
4, 23,ÇÄÀöÎÍ_ÁÎÍÔÒ€ //head-on_bonus€ // 29 4, 21,HEAD-ON_BONUS
4, 23,ØÎÔ_ÖÀÒÓÄÃ_³ÄÌ€ //you_wasted_'em€ // 30 4, 21,YOU_WASTED_'EM
4, 22,ÂÇÄÂÊÏÎÈÍÓ€ //checkpoint€ // 31
2, 23,ÎÔÓ_ÎÅ_ÓÈÌÄ€ //out_of_time€ // 32

Now I created an additional alphabet with a different colour set of letters/numbers for a few of the remaining bonus messages and laid out the following grid:

…†‡ˆ‰ Š ‹ ŒŽ™ ›Ÿ¡¢ ¨ © ª_«µ¶³ ¨®¯°±ˆª

From here I worked out the remaining messages I needed, for example one of these was YOU_ARE_WASTED!, which is now: ©™¢_…›‰_¨®°±¯ˆª
I then put these remaining messages into SCROLLERS.TXT and now my final SCROLLERS.TXT looks like this:
46 // # of Headup scrolly messages
// Format: Font index (THE FONT), Message string (THE FONT COLOUR AS REFERENCED IN FONTCOL.TXT)
// N.B use underscore "_" where you want a space in the string
23,21,UNUSED // 0
23,21,UNUSED // 1
23,21,UNUSED // 2
23,21,UNUSED // 3
4, 22,Æ΀ // 4 4, 22,GO!
4, 21,£ // 5
4, 21,¤ // 6
4, 21,¥ // 7
4, 21,¦ // 8
4, 21,§ // 9
4, 23,ÒÏÀÓÓÄÑ_ÁÎÍÔÒ //splatter_bonus // 10
4, 23,ÏÈËÄÃÑÈÕÄÑ_ÁÎÍÔÒ€ //piledriver_bonus! // 11
4, 23,Ä×ÓÑÀ_ÒÓØËÄ_ÁÎÍÔÒ€ //extra_style_bonus // 12
4, 23,ÁÎÍÔÒ_ÅÎÑ_ÀÑÓÈÒÓÈÂ_ÈÌÏÑÄÒÒÈÎÍ //bonus_for_artistic_impression // 13
4, 21,‡…¡_«Ž«_Œ™¢Ÿ‰_†™Ž¢Ÿ //cat_'n'_mouse_bonus // 14
4, 23,ÖÇÀÓ_À_ÏÔÍÓ€ //what_a_punt // 15
4, 23,ÃÑÎÏÏÄÃ_ËÈÊÄ_À_ÒÓÎÍÄ€ //dropped_like_a_stone€ // 16
4, 23,POLITE.PIX // 17
4, 23,|_@;%#;_#;$*& // 18
4, 23,^_@;%#;_#;$*& // 19
4, 23,{_@;%#;_#;$*& // 20
4, 23,}_@;%#;_#;$*& // 21
4, 23,]_@;%#;_#;$*& // 22
4, 23,[_@;%#;_#;$*& // 23
4, 23,\_@;%#;_#;$*& // 24
4, 23,=_@;%#;_#;$*& // 25
4, 23,10x_@;%#;_#;$*& // 26
4, 23,"ÍÈÂÄ_ÒÇÎÓ+_ÒÈÑ€" //"nice_shot+_sir€" // 27
4, 21,‡¢ŽŽ‹ŽŠ_Ÿ¡¢Ž¡_†™Ž¢Ÿ //cunning_stunt_bonus // 28
4, 23,ÇÄÀöÎÍ_ÁÎÍÔÒ€ //head-on_bonus€ // 29 4, 21,HEAD-ON_BONUS
4, 23,ØÎÔ_ÖÀÒÓÄÃ_³ÄÌ€ //you_wasted_'em€ // 30 4, 21,YOU_WASTED_'EM
4, 22,ÂÇÄÂÊÏÎÈÍÓ€ //checkpoint€ // 31
2, 23,ÎÔÓ_ÎÅ_ÓÈÌÄ€ //out_of_time€ // 32
4, 21,©™¢_…›‰_¨®°±¯ˆª //ØÎÔ_ÀÑÄ_ÖÀÒÓÄÀ // 34 4, 21,YOU_ARE_WASTED!
4, 24,ÆÀÌÄ_ÎÕÄÑ //GAME_OVER // 36
4, 24,ÔÇ_Îǵµµ_ÎÔÓ_ÎÅ_ÂÀÒÇ //UH_OH..._OUT_OF_CASH // 37
4, 24,ÇÄÇ_ÀÂĵµµ_ØÎÔ_ËÎÒÓ //HEH_ACE..._YOU_LOST // 38
4, 22,ÀÍÀÙÈÍƵµµ_ØÎÔ_ÖÎÍ€ //AMAZING..._YOU_WON! // 39

Once this was done all I had to do was change FONTCOL.TXT so that font colour 21 (a greater explanation on the purpose and contents of FONTCOL.TXT can be found in my initial font discoveries article) was white as opposed to it’s default yellow and Bob’s yer uncle, sorted!

Below is a screenshot of the contents of \data\64x48x8\FONTS\Big_Italic\TiffRGB with their corresponding character next to each image:

Click the image for a fullscreen view.

And that is a (quick?) explanation on how I have created multiple fonts within a single font type in Carmageddon 2.
Thank you for sticking with me,

More Carmageddon 2 FONT discoveries!

Okay, so I’m still working on my BETA MOD and am again currently fiddling around with the fonts, now I haven’t read my previous post on my font discoveries for a while and I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention this at all but in any case I shall explain as best I can, there will likely be a bit of repeated information from the last font discovery post but that can’t be helped.

I am writing this assuming that you’ve read the previous post, if not then please do so as it will help you understand the role that files like SCROLLERS.TXT play within the game, read it here:

Right, we’ll use the BIG_ITALIC font as an example as it’s the font I am currently editing!

Inside \data\64x48x8\FONTS\Big_Italic\TiffRGB are a series of images, these images reference specific characters in the BIG_ITALIC font face, the aspects of this font (as I’ve explained in my previous post on this subject) are defined in FONT.TXT within the font’s main folder, BIG_ITALIC‘s FONT.TXT file looks as follows:

// Large timer digits and colon
133 // number of characters (ORIGINALLY: 133)
-4 // inter-character spacing (ORIGINALLY: 1)
33 // ASCII offset ( value of first character)
20 // font character height (ORIGINALLY: 24)
12 // Blank width

Let’s explain the contents of this file for you:

Anything with // in front of it is a comment in the file and has no bearing on the actual data that the game takes from this file.
// Large timer digits and colon
133 // This is the number of characters within this font type, 133 individual characters
-4 // This is the spacing between each character
33 // This is the value of the first character within the font, basically the first image within Big_Italic\TiffRGB is named 33.TIF, the final image being 165.TIF *I shall explain this later)
20 // This is the size of the font when displayed on screen
12 // This is the width of a blank space

Okay, so again we understand what FONT.TXT does and how it relates to it’s font, in this case BIG_ITALIC, we’ll now look at the images within Big_Italic\TiffRGB (edited for my BETA MOD).

Going back to how I resolved the COMBO message issue in SCROLLERS.TXT, I replaced symbols with images of the text I wanted to be displayed.
This is the same method I want to use to display more custom messages within SCROLLERS.TXT using foreign characters.

Now here is where the confusion comes in, a lot of people who have attempted to translate this game have said they have run into issues when trying to use foreign characters (foreign being non-standard English characters,) the game won’t display them, it will instead display nothing but why is this?

In trying to figure this out and attempt to work out whether these characters just aren’t implemented or whether there is something else at fault I decided to take another look at the game’s executable, here we find the list of characters the game recognises:

Here you will notice the bog-standard English characters and symbols but also we have a large pool of additional characters that the game recognises and will display for us so why doesn’t it work when people are attempting to translate the game and use characters native to their language? Heading back into Big_Italic\TiffRGB I noticed the following glaring error that I failed to notice when previously editing these fonts.

NOTE: 91.TIF,92.TIF,93.TIF,94.TIF,95.TIF,123.TIF,124.TIF,125.TIF are actually the following characters [\]^_{|} I just edited the images for my previously mentioned COMBO message workaround.

Here you will notice that the image numbers skip from 95 to 123, this means we have a missing 27 characters to work with right there, going back to the executable, we are able to notice that these missing 27 characters are here:

So it turns out we can use lower-case characters as additional characters in our font but that’s getting away from the crux of the translation issue, so I’ll try and get that out of the way before going back to my butchering of the C2 fonts.

Okay, so going back to the BIG_ITALIC FONT.TXT there are 133 characters defined as usable in this font and the first character is numbered 33, basically how the game works is each of the characters defined in the executable is given a number, this number is absolute based on where it is in the executable, so looking back at the executable we will say that: ! = 0, ” = 1, # = 2, $ = 3, % = 4 and so on but because FONT.TXT says that the first character is 33 then: ! = 33, ” = 34, # = 35, $ = 36, % = 37 and so on, so from here we can see that the previously mentioned missing 27 characters between 95 and 123 are the aforementioned lower-case characters defined within the executable, not only that but we can also spot another glaring error within Big_Italic\TiffRGB

REMEMBER: 91.TIF,92.TIF,93.TIF,94.TIF,95.TIF,123.TIF,124.TIF,125.TIF are actually the following characters [\]^_{|} I just edited the images for my previously mentioned COMBO message workaround.

Do you see the error here? If not then I’ll explain it using the image 129.TIF, this image displays the following character Ü but if we go back to the executable and take a look at character the corresponding character (of course remembering to do the math of 129-33=96) we see that the character we land on is actually €

Upon discovering this, I decided to edit SCROLLERS.TXT to test whether € did indeed display image 129.TIF and it did:

Now I’m thinking ‘this is too good to be true’, so I decide to do a somewhat definitive test, so I go into BIG_ITALIC‘s FONT.TXT increase the number of characters from the default 133 to the max 224, I also add € to SCROLLERS.TXT and I rename 129.TIF to 220.TIF, we rename it to 220.TIF because if we count the number of characters within the executable starting with ! at 1 then € is the 188th character, so we add 33 to 188 and then we subtract 1 because we started counting at 1 as opposed to 0 then we finally get 220, so in the BIG_ITALIC font the character € is number 220.
I tested this and boom, it works:

So now we can almost certainly come to the conclusion that each and every one of these characters defined within the executable can actually be displayed within the game, the only reason people were having issue when translating the game is none of the fonts in the game actually have images for all 224 of the available characters, nor are all 224 available characters actually used within any of the game’s FONT.TXT files and the few that we do have aren’t being used correctly at all.

Discovering this is great news because it means all you’d need to do is edit a font’s FONT.TXT file to use all 224 available characters, then change the names of the incorrect characters, create the additional characters you need and you’re all set to go with a perfect translation of Carmageddon 2 but even better is that for me I now have (including the incorrect characters) an additional 158 characters to work with which in-turn means that I can create an even better mod!

Hooray for DIY workarounds!


The lesser-known diagonal SPAMTRAK bug fix.

Are you tired of your Beaver Woods trains being all diagonal?

Are you tired of your SPAMTRAK being all skew-whiff?

Well now you can fix it!

Not sure how well-known this fix is but all you need to do is follow these simple steps:
You will see the following line within that file:
inline // orientation relative to path incline: inline (car, plane), vertical (cable car)
2. Replace the word “inline” with “vertical”
3. Save and close the document
4. Play and no longer will you have broken SPAMTRAKs

A quickie but hopefully some of you boring, sad farts make use of this bug fix, I for one enjoy this bug as it is highly amusing when it happens.

Tutorial: Porting Carmageddon 2 content to Carmageddon: Reincarnation!

This is going to be a quick little tutorial to expand on the one I left over at CWAboard, a bit more in-depth with a few screenshots.
Please note that this tutorial will show you how to port C2 vehicles and levels directly to C:R through Flummery, this doesn’t allow you to set things up to your liking just yet (it may in the future) so I urge anyone using this technique to not go ahead and just release these direct ports as complete as they’re very, very feature incomplete.

Let’s get on with it then.
Note: This tutorial I will be using my Mach 13 C2 addon as an example.

1. Head to and grab that

2. Head to and grab Minge (aka. Mod Installer ‘N’ General Enabler)

3. Extract both of those into their own separate folders for easier navigation

4. Head into your Minge folder and open Minge, you will see the following window (thought without any available mods, everything will be blank)

5. Click the browse button and navigate to your Carmageddon_Reincarnation folder, please note this is not the folder where the executable resides but your actual root Carmageddon_Reincarnation folder, once this is set you can save and close Minge.

6. Open up Flummery, you will see the following window

7. Now you can open up your desired C2 addon (please note that you can go into View>Preferences and set your C1/2/CR directories but it isn’t required)
To open up your desired vehicle or track go into File > Open… > Carmageddon 2 > Actor (for importing Vehicles) or Race (for importing levels)

8. This will open up an additional window, now you must navigate to your desired addon’s directory and select it’s ACTOR (.act) file and hit Open (do not select the simple or shell models if they exist)

9. This will open your vehicle/level up in Flummery like so

10. From here you head into Tools > Carmageddon 2 > Process Car for Carmageddon Reincarnation (Process Level for Carmageddon Reincarnation if you’re porting a level)

11. Once you’ve done this you’ll notice your vehicle gets bigger and the wheels disappear (note that vehicles with more than four wheels are not supported by C:R so additional wheels will not be removed and will not work in C:R)

12. Now you can simply head to File > Save as… > Carmageddon Reincarnation > Vehicle (or Level if you’re porting a level)

13. An additional window will now pop up for you to give your mod a basic name and where to save it to

14. Click on the button labelled “…” next to the Output Folder, this will bring up another window for you to save your mod to

15. You will want to create a new folder for your mod files to be stored in, I recommend navigating to your Carmageddon_Reincarnation folder and creating a new folder in there and name it the same name as your mod, for example “MACH13”

16. Now you can click on the folder you just create and click okay to return to the previous screen, notice that your mod name has now changed

17. Now you can give your car a pretty name which is what you see when enabling the mod via Minge and is your level’s title that shows up in the game and hit Okay (levels have an additional box to fill out but it’s fairly straight forward to figure that out)

18. Flummery kindly shows you the progress of saving and exactly what it’s doing, so once it is done you’re safe to hit Close and then get rid of Flummery

19. Now open up your file explorer and navigate to the directory you just created for your mod

20. In here you will see various different files associated with your mod, you want to ignore these and file your mods .ZAD file, it should be named the same as the folder

21. Copy only this .ZAD file into your Carmageddon_Reincarnation/CarMODgeddon/Vehicles folder (CarMODgeddon/Levels if you’re porting a level)

22. Open up Minge and you should now see your mod either in the list of vehicles or levels, depending on what you ported

23. Click the checkbox beside your mod and click the Save button, now you may close Minge

24. Load up Carmageddon: Reincarnation in CarMODgeddon mode

25. Once loaded head into Freeplay and either head to the car selection screen or the level select screen and find your mod (levels usually list in alphabetical order with vehicles loading either before the Eagle R or after the Hawk R)

26. Now you can play with your goodies! (note, C:R max appears if your driver is simply named “driver” or if any model is named “driver” for that matter, this will be removed in an upcoming Flummery release)

Please note that these are basic ports and are not setup for full release as previously mentioned, later revisions of Flummery will attempt to offer you more freedom to tweak your mod’s settings before exporting for C:R but for now we’ve got basic setups, you can fiddle with your setups but that’s another tutorial for another day.



Kenn Worst’s Big Wig!

Big Wig from TDR2000 – driven by Kenn Worst!

I made this a while ago but never actually officially released it, it was part of my TDR2000 mod before I moved on to actually porting the vehicles over to C2 directly, this was TTR’s BlackDog edited into Kenn Worst’s Big Wig, I am releasing it now as I packaged it all up ready and even wrote the readme. HERE ‘TIS!



BigWig Remake

Original Model by TTR
Modified by Razor

This car is an edit of TTR’s BlackDog, it will work alongside the BlackDog so there’s no need to worry about it overwriting anything.


Install it as you would any other C2 car.

Either with Carstockalypse or by editing your OPPONENTS.TXT


-Car Menu Image
-Shrapnel Colours
-4 Bounding Boxes!
-Over 7000 polys!!


-None as far as I can tell, do let me know if you find anything.

Everyone at #carmageddon

–Contact me-
My email address:

Download the vehicle by clicking the link below!
[ ~530kb]
OR head to the Downloads page!

It’s shiney and tings!


More C2 BETA MOD content changes!!

I’ve already detailed some of the changes that will be included in the BETA Mod but I’ve further made many more changes so I shall list them presently:


Hell Rod- Prototype Hell Rod with blue outlines on flames and old wheels. Now driven by Mad Harry Braindead like in development

Buzz- Old buzz driver model (can still be seen in final driver menu image)

Purple Piledriver- Old model with bladed wheels (official stainless model!) Now driven by AJP Hate like in dev

DC Codbra- Old Beta textures with bloodied steel armour and old wheels

Cop Car- Old unused early textures reapplied to final model in their assumed locations, this old design matches the design of C1 police cars too!

Red Vet- Old bloodied blades

Degory’un- Old bloodied front blade. Now driven by Larry Lamba like in dev.

Plow- Old bloodied ‘Gotcha Again’ -NOTE: The old ’40 New Opponents’ beta image shows The Plow with the words ‘Gotcha I’m Back’ on the front instead so I’m undecided which to go for as of yet, probably the latter.

Eagle 3- Demo Eagle 3 used, textures issues will be fixed though, so it’ll be better than ever!

Cow Poker- Alpha channels re-added to the spur holders

Hick Pickup- Using old brown beta skin, many unused textures from this skin were still available in the files in the final version. (Interestingly the old brown pickup is featured on the rear box art of the UK Zombie and Blood versions of the game, must have been a really late change along with the Purple Piledriver!)

Ice Cream Van- The Ice Cream Van that was mentioned in a lot of early C2 previews and that appears in the N64 version of the game is back in as an unlockable vehicle on completion of the game!

Mad Morris- Alpha channel re-added to the rear spoiler. Now driven by Stalwart Fellow like in dev

Monster Bug- Added alpha channels to the struts of the car as originally intended, fixed numerous interior texture and model issues, added in old bloodied tyre tracks that were unused but present in the vehicles textures.

Prop Shafter- Bright orange in colour to match the ’40 New Opponents’ early preview screenshot.

Porker- Bloodied spikes readded, old demo textures reused. Now driven by Sid Pig as evidenced in demo.

Blood Riviera- Old decal-less bloodied version!

Screwie 2- Has two drills like the original Screwie 2 was supposed to!

Tashita 2- Uses old demo textures, bitchelin man returns and front lights are fixed!

Vlad- Old bloodied spike

Abba Cab- Some old demo textures used, there are some that weren’t complete so final textures are used. Now driven by Hans Abba as seen in demo.

Flower Plower- Appears as an opponent

Wideboy- Uses old textures as referenced from the N64 version of the game, also bloodied blades. Driver shortname is now Blackman which was Wideboy’s in dev title, long name is still Wideboy, however.

The Bimmer- The Bimmer is still like final and I still can’t figure out it’s unused textures, cunt.

Digga- Original Digga will return!

Eagle 3 Final and Eagle 3 Alpha are unlockable cars upon completing the game, different coloured Hawks will also be available as well as Eagles!

Each vehicle has had most of it’s textures increased in resolution (and quality) a lot of the in dev textures are of higher quality than final but also a lot of the CamCars use higher res/quality versions of final C2 textures so they have been distributed to other models within the game.


Map order is the same as final except HOME SWEET GROAN has been swapped with NEW BEAVER to appear as the first race

All maps now have old checkpoints seen in Junkyard.

All maps have early versions of there textures used where available, some were the same as final and some vary a lot, major changes will be listed below.

USS Lewinsky- Every texture has been altered to match earlier in dev versions of the map, it is a lot darker and grittier than the final version.

El Morte Desert- Sand has been lightened to match in dev versions of the map.

Funfair- Skyboxes now match what is seen in early versions of the map.

Beaver City- Old billboards from early versions of the map are used

Beaver County Quarry- Old textures used, differ slightly from final

Silo- Old textures seen in some early preview screens will be used. (Still working this out though to see where and how they fit in)

Beaver Woods- Old in dev signs that more closely resemble their Twin Peaks counterparts are used, seems they changed a few for final so they weren’t as similar to what is seen in the show.

Old drones make a welcomed return.

Old in dev Spamtrak returns, fixed alpha channels and all!


The mine model used to be a flatter model similar to what was seen in TDR2000 but I’m unsure whether to make the change as the physics will stay the same as final.

Races now range from 7 to 13 opponents as opposed to 5 to 11, this matches the 7 found in demo Junkyard, makes for an overall more fun game in my opinion too.

Menu UI has had a complete overhaul to give it a more grittier feel, balls to that bright green in the final version of the game. New cursor too

BETA/DEMO Font used within the game


Proper carimages for all of the changed vehicles

BRAND NEW* (*old) CREDITS/BONUS font type created.

Old bonus SCROLLER text returns with multiple coloured combo bonus messages

Some peds are altered to match their original states

Cara Loft ped returns (she appears in the desert in her usual tomb robbing places)

Bikini ped returns

Goaty returns

Old particles and emitters (explosions, splashes, etc.)

Old powerup textures seen in the demo are used.

Old powerup names are used (if any)

Old powerup icons return (some were changed slightly for final, pesky Stainless)

That’s about all I can think of for now, a somewhat similar list to before but I’ve done a lot more work on it now, will leave a few more preview screenshots below as a teaser.

A few CarImage changes that will appear in the mod can be seen below (click the image for a larger size):

Thanks for reading (if you did)


Sim Ped!

A simple (hurrhurr geddit?) edit of FEM07 ped into Sim of RWS and former Stainless fame!


Simone McDermott Pedestrian

Created by Razor

A simple edit to the FEM07 ped to turn her into Sim, Sim is definitely a lot more fun to run over!


Extract the archive in your main C2 directory.

Remember you need to have an untwatted version of the game, you may also need to go into your ‘data/PEDS/PEEPS’ folder and delete FEM07.TWT if it exists.

Accept any prompts asking to overwrite.

-It’s a pedestrian… Go figure.
-Original FEM07 textures included in “PIX16_OLD” should you want to revert back to normal


-Screaming face doesn’t work? Don’t know why, Sim looks better when she smiles anyway 😉

#Carmageddon IRC

–Contact me-
My email address:

[ | ~52KB]

NEW* Content Within The BETA MOD (*old)

Thought I’d make a little (or long) post detailing the alterations that will feature within my upcoming BETA MOD, just a list and some screenshots below to make things a bit prettier!

  • Vehicle Changes

EAGLE 3 – The model that appears in the (US Blood) demo version of the game will be present, untextured faces fixed and some mismatched faces reworked.

PURPLE PILEDRIVER – Using the actual old knived model (created by Stainless) that appears in an early screenshot of the game (this model was found within The Errol Special)

LAMB O’GENIE – Using old bloodied skin

STREET MACHINE – Using old bloodied skin

HICK PICKUP – Using old (beta) brown, dirty textures that were present and unused in the final.

THE PLOW MK.2 – Bloodied “Gotcha Again” on the plow is back.

DC CODBRA – Old bloodied and steel bumpers version.

PORKER 2 – Headlights have been re-added and are fully working and smashable, bloodied version also.

BLOOD RIVIERA – Old decal-less, bloodied version that appears in an early preview screenshot.

TASHITA2 – Uses demo sponsors and Bitchelin man.

THE RED VET – Original bloodied blades.

VLAD3 – Bloodied spike

FLOWER PLOWER – Appears as an opponent

PROP SHAFTER – Appears in it’s old orange format, properly modded this time unlike my previous attempts, shell and simplemodel included!

HELL ROD – Old version that appears in early preview screens with blue outline around the flames and more sporty wheels

DIGGA – RON IS BACK (Original Digga was turned into Loggerhead late in development, Errol Digga will be edited into what the Digga was originally going to look like)

ICE CREAM VAN – Mentioned in many early previews for the game and appearing in the N64 Carmageddon game, the Ice Cream Van (MAY) will return to this mod

  • UI Changes

BETA/DEMO Font used within the game


Early character names used

Proper carimages for all of the changed vehicles

Every menu has been reworked to more match the bloodier and grittier feel of the earlier builds of the game (C1-style)

BRAND NEW* (*old) CREDITS/BONUS font type created.

Old bonus SCROLLER text returns with multiple coloured combo bonus messages

  • Other Changes

Tracks use older copies of their textures (found in The Errol Special,) some are exactly the same as final, others vary a lot.

Old DEMO powerup crates and barrels return

Old (US Blood/UK Zombie) DEMO GENERAL.TXT handling and wasting properties used. MORE BENDING AND EXPLOSIONS

NEW* (*old) explosion and splash effects

NEW cursor. No more bright turquoise thing!

That’s all I can think to note so far, now for a few screenshots, enjoy.

MORE screenshots can be found over at [CWABoard]


Font progress

RE: the previous long-winded post on the font formats in C2, I’ve decided to go ahead and only do bits that matter!

In the demo version of C2, ped combos are of course specific images with 2X Combo being the following image:


Using what I’d learned trying to edit these fonts I’ve edited the | character (as it isn’t really used at all in-game) and I’ve changed it to read 2X, see below:

Have edited SCROLLERS.TXT to display |_COMBO as opposed to 2X_COMBO as seen below:

4, 21,POLITE.PIX // 17
4, 23,|_COMBO // 18
4, 23,3X_COMBO // 19
4, 23,4X_COMBO // 20

Here’s how we see it in-game:

PROGRESS! Just gotta scale it correctly now and begin on the rest of ’em!