Removing C2’s blue HUD elements and menu APO!

Since Carmageddon 2 came out, editing the HUD elements has been a pain in the backside, you can accomplish almost anything you want with enough messing but there has always been a part of the HUD that refused to ever change, refused to ever move and refused to ever be hidden; the blue bars either […]

Carmageddon 2 ‘Carmashit’ Cheat Executable Functions

There’s a little-known in-dev Carmageddon 2 build, called ‘Carmashit’, it is named after the .ZIP archive that contains it. Within this build is a cheat executable from mid-development, this executable features all of the debug edit modes that were used when testing the game during dev, a lot of the functions are very similar to […]

Max Damage Original Inspiration

On June 20th 1997, Carmageddon was officially released! Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Carmageddon, so I’ve been holding onto some info to release as a celebration of 25 years of carnage; the original inspiration for Max Damage. This information was provided to me by Mick O’Farrell of Red Cloud (now Revolver Creative,) prior to […]

Carmageddon Complete Artwork Dump

Why keep you waiting? Instead of cutting up what I have into separate archives for each game, why not just release the entire lot as-is? Good question, I’ll do that. Here’s an archive of the entire artwork dump that I have for the Carmageddon artwork, this archive includes early art/promotional art/posters/screens/dev art/marketing documents for the […]

Carmageddon 2 Original Artwork Files

Here’s another artwork archive for you, this time for Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now! This archive includes things like: Early Max Damage artwork for C2, promotional items, posters, etc. Just like the other archives, a lot of these files require old software in order to open them, such as: Macromedia Freehand and Quark Xpress for Mac. […]

Carmageddon TDR2000 Original Artwork Files

I’m back again, with more artwork archives from the Carmageddon franchise! This time, a huge archive with all of the Carmageddon TDR2000 artwork, as well as the promotional ads and posters from around the time the game was being promoted. Within this archive you can find some very interesting early screenshots, posters, renders but most […]

Carmageddon SPLAT PACK Original Artwork Files

Hello, I’ve recently been chatting to Mick from Revolver Creative, the team who made the original Carmageddon logo, Max Damage artwork, and the box and manual artwork for the original games and he’s recently shared with me his archives from the time they did the artwork for Splat Pack/Max Pack/Special Edition. The logo at the […]

What Happened To Digga?

Ron Dumpster and his Digga! Ron Dumpster who is the brother of Don Dumpster, appears in Carmageddon 2 and he drives the Digga, well he was supposed to but he doesn’t exist in the final version of the game. The official reason for the missing opponent(s) is that Stainless Games either weren’t happy with some […]

Carmageddon 2 BETA MOD fonts complete!

So I’ve finally completed the fonts that are to be used in my BETA MOD, here’s how I have done it. During the process of creating this mod I’ve discovered a lot of secrets about how the final version of this game handles fonts and have documented these discoveries, using this knowledge I have recreated […]

More Carmageddon 2 FONT discoveries!

Okay, so I’m still working on my BETA MOD and am again currently fiddling around with the fonts, now I haven’t read my previous post on my font discoveries for a while and I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention this at all but in any case I shall explain as best I can, there will […]

The lesser-known diagonal SPAMTRAK bug fix.

Are you tired of your Beaver Woods trains being all diagonal? Are you tired of your SPAMTRAK being all skew-whiff? Well now you can fix it! Not sure how well-known this fix is but all you need to do is follow these simple steps: 1. Open up /data/DRONES/SPAMTRAK/SPAMTRAK.TXT You will see the following line within […]

Font progress

RE: the previous long-winded post on the font formats in C2, I’ve decided to go ahead and only do bits that matter! In the demo version of C2, ped combos are of course specific images with 2X Combo being the following image: (2xcombo.pix) Using what I’d learned trying to edit these fonts I’ve edited the […]

Carmageddon 2 fonts are a pain!

Been trying to understand the way C2 uses fonts for the past few days and then edit things to my liking with very minimal success, will try to outline my discoveries here. So I’m working on a beta mod of the game that will resurrect all of the old beta/demo content of the game into […]