Carmageddon SPLAT PACK Original Artwork Files


I’ve recently been chatting to Mick from Revolver Creative, the team who made the original Carmageddon logo, Max Damage artwork, and the box and manual artwork for the original games and he’s recently shared with me his archives from the time they did the artwork for Splat Pack/Max Pack/Special Edition.

The logo at the top of this post is from the archives, the following archive contains all of the artwork files used by Revolver Creative to design the Splat Pack artwork, manual and promotional material, as well as the Max Pack and Special edition artwork and contents.

These files are very old, dating from early-mid 1997 and require some old software in order to view them, although some can be viewed with Adobe Illustrator. Alongside the archive of artwork, I also have a version of Macromedia Freehand for you to be able to view the majority of the artwork and export it to your format of choice, some of the artwork also requires Quark Xpress to view but I’ll leave that up to you to find, it’s easy to source this software via

Some samples from the archive:

The archive and Macromedia Freehand are below:
[ ~97.7mb]
[ ~26.9mb]

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