Ridge Racer FA Racing Skin Release

Here’s a rough and ready skin I made last night for AdR’s Mitsubishi Eclipse.
Other than textures and removing the underglow, it functions exactly the same as the original vehicle did, so it can be classed as a skin and not a fully-fledged independent vehicle.
It still suffers from the same problems that the original vehicle does/did, including: No driver model, no shell model, no simple model, broken flappies, etc.



Includes all of the original files from the vehicle, so you don’t need to download the original to use it.
Includes custom sounds as the original did, can be installed either via editing OPPONENTS.TXT or using Carstockalypse.

Download it here:
[97EclipseGS-T.zip ~1.20mb]

Enjoy, or dont.

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