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What Happened To Digga? »

Ron Dumpster and his Digga! Ron Dumpster who is the brother of Don Dumpster, appears in Carmageddon 2 and he drives the Digga, well he was supposed to but he doesn’t exist in the final version of the game. The official reason for the missing opponent(s) is that Stainless Games either weren’t happy with some […]

Carmageddon 2 BETA MOD fonts complete! »

So I’ve finally completed the fonts that are to be used in my BETA MOD, here’s how I have done it. During the process of creating this mod I’ve discovered a lot of secrets about how the final version of this game handles fonts and have documented these discoveries, using this knowledge I have recreated […]

More Carmageddon 2 FONT discoveries! »

Okay, so I’m still working on my BETA MOD and am again currently fiddling around with the fonts, now I haven’t read my previous post on my font discoveries for a while and I’m pretty sure I didn’t mention this at all but in any case I shall explain as best I can, there will […]

The lesser-known diagonal SPAMTRAK bug fix. »

Are you tired of your Beaver Woods trains being all diagonal? Are you tired of your SPAMTRAK being all skew-whiff? Well now you can fix it! Not sure how well-known this fix is but all you need to do is follow these simple steps: 1. Open up /data/DRONES/SPAMTRAK/SPAMTRAK.TXT You will see the following line within […]

Font progress »

RE: the previous long-winded post on the font formats in C2, I’ve decided to go ahead and only do bits that matter! In the demo version of C2, ped combos are of course specific images with 2X Combo being the following image: (2xcombo.pix) Using what I’d learned trying to edit these fonts I’ve edited the […]

Carmageddon 2 fonts are a pain! »

Been trying to understand the way C2 uses fonts for the past few days and then edit things to my liking with very minimal success, will try to outline my discoveries here. So I’m working on a beta mod of the game that will resurrect all of the old beta/demo content of the game into […]