Removing C2’s blue HUD elements and menu APO!

Since Carmageddon 2 came out, editing the HUD elements has been a pain in the backside, you can accomplish almost anything you want with enough messing but there has always been a part of the HUD that refused to ever change, refused to ever move and refused to ever be hidden; the blue bars either side of the timer.

You can see this in every mod for C2 which alters the HUD, most notably Harmalarm’s DD2C2TC:

These two blue bars at the top of the screen aren’t texture images like the rest of the HUD, they’re instead a hardcoded element rendered on-screen, in the same vein as the opponent status bar but with the help of Maarten’s reverse engineering efforts Toshiba has found where these elements are defined in the executable and how to disable them.

If you open up your Carmageddon 2 HW executable and search for the following hex values:
8E 00 00 00 26 00 00 00 80 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00
B2 00 00 00 26 00 00 00 8E 01 00 00 0A 00 00 00

And replace both entries with null values, i.e.
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

It will remove these blue bars! Something we have been trying to achieve for years! Incredible.

See below for a comparison:



Thanks to Toshiba-3 and Maarten, this will take modding to a whole new level

In addition to this, Toshiba has also just discovered how to remove the hardcoded APO from the main menu of the game!
Find the following hex values in your Carmageddon 2 HW executable:
5C 01 00 00 B9
You should see 3 entires of this hex value, these are the APO elements. Edit all 3 values so 5C 01 becomes 00 02
The hex value should now read as follows:
00 02 00 00 B9

Save and the menu APO will now be removed! Again, an incredible discovery!

See below for comparison:



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