Font progress

RE: the previous long-winded post on the font formats in C2, I’ve decided to go ahead and only do bits that matter!

In the demo version of C2, ped combos are of course specific images with 2X Combo being the following image:


Using what I’d learned trying to edit these fonts I’ve edited the | character (as it isn’t really used at all in-game) and I’ve changed it to read 2X, see below:

Have edited SCROLLERS.TXT to display |_COMBO as opposed to 2X_COMBO as seen below:

4, 21,POLITE.PIX // 17
4, 23,|_COMBO // 18
4, 23,3X_COMBO // 19
4, 23,4X_COMBO // 20

Here’s how we see it in-game:

PROGRESS! Just gotta scale it correctly now and begin on the rest of ’em!

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