NEW* Content Within The BETA MOD (*old)

Thought I’d make a little (or long) post detailing the alterations that will feature within my upcoming BETA MOD, just a list and some screenshots below to make things a bit prettier!

  • Vehicle Changes

EAGLE 3 – The model that appears in the (US Blood) demo version of the game will be present, untextured faces fixed and some mismatched faces reworked.

PURPLE PILEDRIVER – Using the actual old knived model (created by Stainless) that appears in an early screenshot of the game (this model was found within The Errol Special)

LAMB O’GENIE – Using old bloodied skin

STREET MACHINE – Using old bloodied skin

HICK PICKUP – Using old (beta) brown, dirty textures that were present and unused in the final.

THE PLOW MK.2 – Bloodied “Gotcha Again” on the plow is back.

DC CODBRA – Old bloodied and steel bumpers version.

PORKER 2 – Headlights have been re-added and are fully working and smashable, bloodied version also.

BLOOD RIVIERA – Old decal-less, bloodied version that appears in an early preview screenshot.

TASHITA2 – Uses demo sponsors and Bitchelin man.

THE RED VET – Original bloodied blades.

VLAD3 – Bloodied spike

FLOWER PLOWER – Appears as an opponent

PROP SHAFTER – Appears in it’s old orange format, properly modded this time unlike my previous attempts, shell and simplemodel included!

HELL ROD – Old version that appears in early preview screens with blue outline around the flames and more sporty wheels

DIGGA – RON IS BACK (Original Digga was turned into Loggerhead late in development, Errol Digga will be edited into what the Digga was originally going to look like)

ICE CREAM VAN – Mentioned in many early previews for the game and appearing in the N64 Carmageddon game, the Ice Cream Van (MAY) will return to this mod

  • UI Changes

BETA/DEMO Font used within the game


Early character names used

Proper carimages for all of the changed vehicles

Every menu has been reworked to more match the bloodier and grittier feel of the earlier builds of the game (C1-style)

BRAND NEW* (*old) CREDITS/BONUS font type created.

Old bonus SCROLLER text returns with multiple coloured combo bonus messages

  • Other Changes

Tracks use older copies of their textures (found in The Errol Special,) some are exactly the same as final, others vary a lot.

Old DEMO powerup crates and barrels return

Old (US Blood/UK Zombie) DEMO GENERAL.TXT handling and wasting properties used. MORE BENDING AND EXPLOSIONS

NEW* (*old) explosion and splash effects

NEW cursor. No more bright turquoise thing!

That’s all I can think to note so far, now for a few screenshots, enjoy.

MORE screenshots can be found over at [CWABoard]


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