Sim Ped!

A simple (hurrhurr geddit?) edit of FEM07 ped into Sim of RWS and former Stainless fame!


Simone McDermott Pedestrian

Created by Razor

A simple edit to the FEM07 ped to turn her into Sim, Sim is definitely a lot more fun to run over!


Extract the archive in your main C2 directory.

Remember you need to have an untwatted version of the game, you may also need to go into your ‘data/PEDS/PEEPS’ folder and delete FEM07.TWT if it exists.

Accept any prompts asking to overwrite.

-It’s a pedestrian… Go figure.
-Original FEM07 textures included in “PIX16_OLD” should you want to revert back to normal


-Screaming face doesn’t work? Don’t know why, Sim looks better when she smiles anyway 😉

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