More C2 BETA MOD content changes!!

I’ve already detailed some of the changes that will be included in the BETA Mod but I’ve further made many more changes so I shall list them presently:


Hell Rod- Prototype Hell Rod with blue outlines on flames and old wheels. Now driven by Mad Harry Braindead like in development

Buzz- Old buzz driver model (can still be seen in final driver menu image)

Purple Piledriver- Old model with bladed wheels (official stainless model!) Now driven by AJP Hate like in dev

DC Codbra- Old Beta textures with bloodied steel armour and old wheels

Cop Car- Old unused early textures reapplied to final model in their assumed locations, this old design matches the design of C1 police cars too!

Red Vet- Old bloodied blades

Degory’un- Old bloodied front blade. Now driven by Larry Lamba like in dev.

Plow- Old bloodied ‘Gotcha Again’ -NOTE: The old ’40 New Opponents’ beta image shows The Plow with the words ‘Gotcha I’m Back’ on the front instead so I’m undecided which to go for as of yet, probably the latter.

Eagle 3- Demo Eagle 3 used, textures issues will be fixed though, so it’ll be better than ever!

Cow Poker- Alpha channels re-added to the spur holders

Hick Pickup- Using old brown beta skin, many unused textures from this skin were still available in the files in the final version. (Interestingly the old brown pickup is featured on the rear box art of the UK Zombie and Blood versions of the game, must have been a really late change along with the Purple Piledriver!)

Ice Cream Van- The Ice Cream Van that was mentioned in a lot of early C2 previews and that appears in the N64 version of the game is back in as an unlockable vehicle on completion of the game!

Mad Morris- Alpha channel re-added to the rear spoiler. Now driven by Stalwart Fellow like in dev

Monster Bug- Added alpha channels to the struts of the car as originally intended, fixed numerous interior texture and model issues, added in old bloodied tyre tracks that were unused but present in the vehicles textures.

Prop Shafter- Bright orange in colour to match the ’40 New Opponents’ early preview screenshot.

Porker- Bloodied spikes readded, old demo textures reused. Now driven by Sid Pig as evidenced in demo.

Blood Riviera- Old decal-less bloodied version!

Screwie 2- Has two drills like the original Screwie 2 was supposed to!

Tashita 2- Uses old demo textures, bitchelin man returns and front lights are fixed!

Vlad- Old bloodied spike

Abba Cab- Some old demo textures used, there are some that weren’t complete so final textures are used. Now driven by Hans Abba as seen in demo.

Flower Plower- Appears as an opponent

Wideboy- Uses old textures as referenced from the N64 version of the game, also bloodied blades. Driver shortname is now Blackman which was Wideboy’s in dev title, long name is still Wideboy, however.

The Bimmer- The Bimmer is still like final and I still can’t figure out it’s unused textures, cunt.

Digga- Original Digga will return!

Eagle 3 Final and Eagle 3 Alpha are unlockable cars upon completing the game, different coloured Hawks will also be available as well as Eagles!

Each vehicle has had most of it’s textures increased in resolution (and quality) a lot of the in dev textures are of higher quality than final but also a lot of the CamCars use higher res/quality versions of final C2 textures so they have been distributed to other models within the game.


Map order is the same as final except HOME SWEET GROAN has been swapped with NEW BEAVER to appear as the first race

All maps now have old checkpoints seen in Junkyard.

All maps have early versions of there textures used where available, some were the same as final and some vary a lot, major changes will be listed below.

USS Lewinsky- Every texture has been altered to match earlier in dev versions of the map, it is a lot darker and grittier than the final version.

El Morte Desert- Sand has been lightened to match in dev versions of the map.

Funfair- Skyboxes now match what is seen in early versions of the map.

Beaver City- Old billboards from early versions of the map are used

Beaver County Quarry- Old textures used, differ slightly from final

Silo- Old textures seen in some early preview screens will be used. (Still working this out though to see where and how they fit in)

Beaver Woods- Old in dev signs that more closely resemble their Twin Peaks counterparts are used, seems they changed a few for final so they weren’t as similar to what is seen in the show.

Old drones make a welcomed return.

Old in dev Spamtrak returns, fixed alpha channels and all!


The mine model used to be a flatter model similar to what was seen in TDR2000 but I’m unsure whether to make the change as the physics will stay the same as final.

Races now range from 7 to 13 opponents as opposed to 5 to 11, this matches the 7 found in demo Junkyard, makes for an overall more fun game in my opinion too.

Menu UI has had a complete overhaul to give it a more grittier feel, balls to that bright green in the final version of the game. New cursor too

BETA/DEMO Font used within the game


Proper carimages for all of the changed vehicles

BRAND NEW* (*old) CREDITS/BONUS font type created.

Old bonus SCROLLER text returns with multiple coloured combo bonus messages

Some peds are altered to match their original states

Cara Loft ped returns (she appears in the desert in her usual tomb robbing places)

Bikini ped returns

Goaty returns

Old particles and emitters (explosions, splashes, etc.)

Old powerup textures seen in the demo are used.

Old powerup names are used (if any)

Old powerup icons return (some were changed slightly for final, pesky Stainless)

That’s about all I can think of for now, a somewhat similar list to before but I’ve done a lot more work on it now, will leave a few more preview screenshots below as a teaser.

A few CarImage changes that will appear in the mod can be seen below (click the image for a larger size):

Thanks for reading (if you did)


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