Kenn Worst’s Big Wig!

Big Wig from TDR2000 – driven by Kenn Worst!

I made this a while ago but never actually officially released it, it was part of my TDR2000 mod before I moved on to actually porting the vehicles over to C2 directly, this was TTR’s BlackDog edited into Kenn Worst’s Big Wig, I am releasing it now as I packaged it all up ready and even wrote the readme. HERE ‘TIS!



BigWig Remake

Original Model by TTR
Modified by Razor

This car is an edit of TTR’s BlackDog, it will work alongside the BlackDog so there’s no need to worry about it overwriting anything.


Install it as you would any other C2 car.

Either with Carstockalypse or by editing your OPPONENTS.TXT


-Car Menu Image
-Shrapnel Colours
-4 Bounding Boxes!
-Over 7000 polys!!


-None as far as I can tell, do let me know if you find anything.

Everyone at #carmageddon

–Contact me-
My email address:

Download the vehicle by clicking the link below!
[ ~530kb]
OR head to the Downloads page!

It’s shiney and tings!


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