Tutorial: Porting Carmageddon 2 content to Carmageddon: Reincarnation!

This is going to be a quick little tutorial to expand on the one I left over at CWAboard, a bit more in-depth with a few screenshots.
Please note that this tutorial will show you how to port C2 vehicles and levels directly to C:R through Flummery, this doesn’t allow you to set things up to your liking just yet (it may in the future) so I urge anyone using this technique to not go ahead and just release these direct ports as complete as they’re very, very feature incomplete.

Let’s get on with it then.
Note: This tutorial I will be using my Mach 13 C2 addon as an example.

1. Head to Flummery.co.uk and grab that

2. Head to trent.incarnated.co.uk/tools and grab Minge (aka. Mod Installer ‘N’ General Enabler)

3. Extract both of those into their own separate folders for easier navigation

4. Head into your Minge folder and open Minge, you will see the following window (thought without any available mods, everything will be blank)

5. Click the browse button and navigate to your Carmageddon_Reincarnation folder, please note this is not the folder where the executable resides but your actual root Carmageddon_Reincarnation folder, once this is set you can save and close Minge.

6. Open up Flummery, you will see the following window

7. Now you can open up your desired C2 addon (please note that you can go into View>Preferences and set your C1/2/CR directories but it isn’t required)
To open up your desired vehicle or track go into File > Open… > Carmageddon 2 > Actor (for importing Vehicles) or Race (for importing levels)

8. This will open up an additional window, now you must navigate to your desired addon’s directory and select it’s ACTOR (.act) file and hit Open (do not select the simple or shell models if they exist)

9. This will open your vehicle/level up in Flummery like so

10. From here you head into Tools > Carmageddon 2 > Process Car for Carmageddon Reincarnation (Process Level for Carmageddon Reincarnation if you’re porting a level)

11. Once you’ve done this you’ll notice your vehicle gets bigger and the wheels disappear (note that vehicles with more than four wheels are not supported by C:R so additional wheels will not be removed and will not work in C:R)

12. Now you can simply head to File > Save as… > Carmageddon Reincarnation > Vehicle (or Level if you’re porting a level)

13. An additional window will now pop up for you to give your mod a basic name and where to save it to

14. Click on the button labelled “…” next to the Output Folder, this will bring up another window for you to save your mod to

15. You will want to create a new folder for your mod files to be stored in, I recommend navigating to your Carmageddon_Reincarnation folder and creating a new folder in there and name it the same name as your mod, for example “MACH13”

16. Now you can click on the folder you just create and click okay to return to the previous screen, notice that your mod name has now changed

17. Now you can give your car a pretty name which is what you see when enabling the mod via Minge and is your level’s title that shows up in the game and hit Okay (levels have an additional box to fill out but it’s fairly straight forward to figure that out)

18. Flummery kindly shows you the progress of saving and exactly what it’s doing, so once it is done you’re safe to hit Close and then get rid of Flummery

19. Now open up your file explorer and navigate to the directory you just created for your mod

20. In here you will see various different files associated with your mod, you want to ignore these and file your mods .ZAD file, it should be named the same as the folder

21. Copy only this .ZAD file into your Carmageddon_Reincarnation/CarMODgeddon/Vehicles folder (CarMODgeddon/Levels if you’re porting a level)

22. Open up Minge and you should now see your mod either in the list of vehicles or levels, depending on what you ported

23. Click the checkbox beside your mod and click the Save button, now you may close Minge

24. Load up Carmageddon: Reincarnation in CarMODgeddon mode

25. Once loaded head into Freeplay and either head to the car selection screen or the level select screen and find your mod (levels usually list in alphabetical order with vehicles loading either before the Eagle R or after the Hawk R)

26. Now you can play with your goodies! (note, C:R max appears if your driver is simply named “driver” or if any model is named “driver” for that matter, this will be removed in an upcoming Flummery release)

Please note that these are basic ports and are not setup for full release as previously mentioned, later revisions of Flummery will attempt to offer you more freedom to tweak your mod’s settings before exporting for C:R but for now we’ve got basic setups, you can fiddle with your setups but that’s another tutorial for another day.



If you want to leave any feedback or require any support, please visit the CWA Board and leave a reply on the relevant thread.