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I’ve turned the EvilGamerZ Gaming News site into a personal website for myself called Razor’s Game Shelf, it will still function in a very similar way as before, providing news on the latest games and game deals but I’ll also be expanding by adding my own articles about retro games. I’ll also be doing all […]

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I haven’t been working on anything Carmageddon related recently because I’m busy with, I post up-to-date gaming news, PC gaming deals and I also review games. So yeah, that is what is taking up all of my time. Progress on the Carma2PSX mod will still continue when it’s ready to be continued. If you […]

The best and worst of 2011 | PC »

Well it’s nearing the end of the year and I’ve just played about an hour of Postal 3 and it angered me so much that I thought I’d compile a short list of all of the shit that has been released this year and the reasons for why said shit is shit. The Worst: 1. […]