4in1 Carma
Got a hold of another crazy Carmageddon item, this time from Russia, I nabbed this as it claims on the case to include Carmageddon 1, Splat Pack, Carmageddon 2 and TDR2000 all on a single CD, I was quite interested to see what kind of compression was used to fit all of this onto a single 700mb CD, in fact it takes up 600mb!
From the quick glance I’ve had at it, it appears as though it just has some naff installer that allows you to install C1/C2/TDR2000, I haven’t looked much deeper into it other than having a gander at C2, from that short look it appears as though it has been translated, maybe they are all translated to Russian, grab it below and have a look for yourself.

[TDR2000_UKZ.ISO ~615mb]

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