Carmageddon 2 BETA Mod Now Released!

After months and months of working on it (and a lot of time not working on it), my BETA Mod for Carmageddon 2 is finally complete and ready to be released!

Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now! BETA Modification is a complete conversion of Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now! and a standalone release, it is available in two formats, ZIP archive and a hassle-free installer that includes shortcuts and a configuration screen before you play the mod for the first time!

The mod includes an easy-to-setup Glidewrapper that will make the game look it’s best, if you download the installer then it will automatically prompt you on setting up the Glidewrapper for the game, if you download the zipped archive then you will have to configure the included Glidewrapper manually. Includes nGlide, you may also use dgvoodoo but will have to download it separately.

Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now! BETA Modification includes the following features:

-Brand new, complex font system based on fonts that appear in early builds of Carmageddon 2
-Tweaked powerups based on older designs of powerups
-New explosion, splash, flames and smoke effects based on earlier builds of Carmageddon 2
-New intro cutscene based on demo versions of the game
-Early incomplete drones present in previews of Carmageddon 2 are back in the game and original drone paths are now active within certain levels
-All new, grittier menu UI and cleaner layout
-Brand new pedestrians based on early concepts by Stainless
-Unused pedestrians are back in the game
-OLD powerup boxes
-Altered level order
-Increased opponent amount
-Damage system reworked to make cars easier to bend as evidenced in demo versions of the game
-Tweaked levels based on early designs, levels also now play at different times of day as evidenced in some early screenshots
– Menu and Car images based on early appearances

-The following vehicle changes based on early concepts/builds are present:

Hell Rod – Old wheels, now features blue outline around it’s flames, driver also changed to Mad Harry
Bug Too – Minor changes based on old textures
Buzzmobile – Driver textures based on original Buzz appearance
Purple Piledriver – Official in-dev Stainless model featuring blades on the wheels as originally intended, driver also changed to AJP Hate
DC Codbra – Old wheels, added blood back to the vehicle, other minor changes
Copcar – Old design based on unused textures for the vehicle, now uses a similar colour scheme to C1 cops
Red Vet – Added blood back
Lamb O’Genie – Added blood back, driver also changed to Larry Lamba
Digga – Official complete Stainless model, features a variation of original textures, Digga lives!
Plow Mk2 – Added blood back
Eagle 3 – Four models of the Eagle are available in the game, by default the Demo model but Prototype, Alpha and Final Eagle 3 models unlock upon completion of the game
Cow Poker – Fixed alpha channels
Hick Pickup – Uses original textures, as evidenced in early screenshots
Ice Van – Mentioned during the development of the game and only ever appearing in Carmageddon 64, the Ice Cream Van is back in the game and unlocks upon completion!
Mad Morris – Fixed alpha channels, driver also changed to Stalwart Fellow
Monster Beatle – Model fixed up, uses old textures based on unused textures and early appearances of the vehicle
Prop Shafter – Now in it’s original, bright orange paintjob!
Porker 2 – Added blood back, uses original textures, headlights now properly implemented, driver also changed to Sid Pig
Blood Riviera – Added blood back, vehicle based on it’s appearance in early screenshots
Twister 2 – Official in-dev Stainless model featuring rear drill as originally intended
Tashita 2 – Fixed headlights, uses original textures
Vlad 3 – Added blood back
Abba Cab – Uses original textures as evidenced by early screenshots
Flower Plower – Now appears as an opponent
Street Machine – Added blood back, uses original textures based on early concepts and it’s Carmageddon 64 appearance



Mod created by: Razor
Official in-dev templates, models, scenes, levels, textures, builds, executables, files courtesy of: Errol
Fixed Monster Bug, Digga, Red Hawk, Icevan, Cerby & other little fixes courtesy of: Toshiba-3
Tips on the font system of Carma2: Harmalarm
This modification is based on early assets & original concepts by Stainless Games
Thanks for helping me out with insight and information during the development of this mod: Nobby, Shane

Toshiba-3, Razor

[Standalone Installer (Carmageddon2BETA_Installer.exe) ~120mb]
[Zipped Archive ( ~119mb]

This mod is packed up in such a way that it should be as simple as installing (or unzipping) and just running the game without any issue, however, if you do encounter issues then do not hesitate to leave a comment with your issue and I will get back to you ASAP to resolve the problems you have.

Please note the game crashing on exit is a known issue with all versions of Carmageddon 2 on modern operating systems and cannot be fixed, it does not affect the game or corrupt any data in any way, it’s just a CrashToDesktop error when the game quits.

Cheers and enjoy,

Update (08/01/2017): 


In older operating systems (Windows XP), playing this mod will cause the game to crash on start, every single time. If you’re encountering this issue on an older operating system this happens because the winmm.dll file within the main directory of the mod (this file is a wrapper for the CD audio) is causing the game to crash, there are two solutions to this problem:

  1. Rename or delete this file- Either rename it to “winmm.dll.bak” or remove it completely, the side-effect of this fix is that you will no longer have any music within the game.
  2. Download [this file (winmm.dll) ~50kb] and save it into the main directory of the mod install (default location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Carmageddon 2 BETA Mod), this should resolve the crashing issue and keep the music intact.

Big thanks to QTZ for advising of this issue and the fixes for it.

If you encounter any further issues on older operating systems, either leave a comment here or head on over to either of the Carmageddon forums, here at CWABoard or here at the official Carmageddon forums, thank you.

If you want to leave any feedback or require any support, please visit the CWA Board and leave a reply on the relevant thread.