Upcoming Content!

Yeah, I’m not dead. I’ve been very busy with life, new job and everything.
Last year, I began work on tonnes of different things that are as of now obviously unfinished, below will be a list of things that I will finish and release.

Things I will finish:


Over on CWA, I created a thread to document the development of C2, I have a lot more work to do on this and next on the list is the development of CARRIER (USS Lewinsky,) I’ll go into this soon and get more finished up, I promise.

C2 BETA MOD Update 1

I have an update for the BETA MOD in the works that updates various bits and pieces based on things we’ve learnt since I originally released the mod, a lot of these changes are complete and just need pushing out to an update for the mod but I just need to polish and release, I will endeavour to do this around the same time as expanding the C2 in-dev stuff, as going through that always uncovers more interesting changes to the game.


I completed: CAPRICE, ESTATE01, HATCH01, MOVER01 & WAGON. I will finish the rest and release them all in the future.


I was 80% through the desert map from Playstation Carma, I will finish it and release it at some point, just like I did the exclusive Playstation Carma vehicles. Mastro released many of the other Playstation maps if you want to download those too!


Last year I contacted a bunch of the guys from Kalisto who worked on Ultimate Race Pro to try and get some insight into the game and it’s development and they were all really excited and extremely helpful but life got in the way and I never got round to following up on what I was working on. I will do that and finish up a bunch of content from URP for C2.


After my car got crashed into last year, during the time it was off the road I decided to stick it in C2 but never finished it. I will optimise and finish it.

There are hundreds of other little things that I likely won’t get round to but that’s just what it is, at some point I will share the entirety of my Carmageddon archives.

Peace out.

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