C2 Opponents Gone Stock!

Over the past week or so during this lockdown, I’ve been working on un-carmageddon-ising the stock C2 vehicles, I’ve done 26 in total, all complete with updated SHELL models and bounding boxes.




C2 Opponents Gone Stock


Original models by Stainless Software
Everything else by Razor

I’ve un-carmageddon-ised 26 of the default Carmageddon 2 vehicles, these cars directly replace the stock C2 cars and will work with a stock C2 install and my C2 BETA mod.
I’ve also included a C2C file for each vehicle, so you can add them manually to a modded install if you so wish.


These cars will replace default C2 cars.

Install it as you would any other C2 car.

Either with Carstockalypse (26 .C2C files are in their own folder) or by editing your OPPONENTS.TXT


-New textures
-New Simplemodels
-New SHELL models
-New Car Menu Images
-Reworked bounding boxes


Toshiba-3 – For always being a helpful hand
#Carmageddon IRC


–Contact me-
My email address: razor@retrogameshelf.com

Download the vehicles by clicking the link below!
[C2_Stock_Opponents.zip ~2.77mb]


If you want to leave any feedback or require any support, please visit the CWA Board and leave a reply on the relevant thread.