Conversions Lists Updated


Actually doing a thing, I’ve updated C12C2.html, SP2C2.html and C22C2.html to include newer conversions that I’ve missed out in the past 7 years.
Eagle RS by Toshiba-3 to C12C2.html
RamRaider 2013 by Toshiba-3 to SP2C2.html
Hawk III by Pip The Pest to C22C2.html
Big Dump by Toshiba-3 to C22C2.html
Razorback 2013 by Toshiba-3 to C22C2.html
Digga by Toshiba-3 to C22C2.html

Also updated all RR2000 links, so they now work properly. Probably missed a load of stuff out, just let me know

Funny thing is, it was exactly 7 years ago, to the day, that I updated these pages.


See ../conversions/ for more.


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