KABOOM! Old C2 Explosions A-HOY!

Something little here and surprisingly something that hasn’t been done yet! The old explosions from the earlier versions of C2, you may have seen them in the ‘ChevyII Alpha’, Beta/Demo versions of the game and in earlier screenshots and preview images, these explosions are less realistic than what appears in the final but they give the feeling of more impactful blows when you waste an opponent.

Here’s a few screenshots of where you may have seen these in action before.


Early Carmageddon 2 explosion and car splash effects


Taken from the ChevyII Alpha version of C2
Finished up and released for final by Razor

A couple of simple changes that alter the game’s splash and explosion effects to match the earlier builds of the game.

Extract and it should all be done!

-New OLD explosion effects
-New OLD Bing and Twink effects
-New OLD car splash effects

-None, it’s just a different explosion and stuffs :/

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[early_explosion.rar | ~75KB]

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