[Release] Mach13 Remake

Mach13 Remake

Original Model by Econobrick
Modified by Razor

This car is an edit of Econobrick’s Mach 5, it will work alongside the Mach 5 so there’s no need to worry about it overwriting anything.


Install it as you would any other C2 car.

Either with Carstockalypse or by editing your OPPONENTS.TXT


-Car Menu Image
-Shrapnel Colours


-None as far as I can tell, do let me know if you find anything.

Everyone at #carmageddon
Stainless for making the Carmageddon series and for their insanity
Econobrick for permission to release this


–Contact me–
My email address: aod-razor(at)o2.co.uk


Download here. | @Wasted! | ~192KB

If you want to leave any feedback or require any support, please visit the CWA Board and leave a reply on the relevant thread.