Street Machine 2011 is here!

Here it is, the Street Machine 2011 remake, it features what you’d expect from a C2 car including:
– Detachables
– Smashables
– A detailed interior
And much more.

Here is the contents of the readme, you may need to read this thoroughly:

Street Machine 2011 remake

Original vehicle by Pip The Pest
Modified by Razor


Please make sure you are positive that you want to use this car, it will overwrite Pip’s SMACHINE.
ALSO please make sure you read the install instructions, things will fuck up otherwise.



Remove Pip’s original SMACHINE BEFORE INSTALLING THIS, if you’ve already extracted the file then remove the SMACHINE folder from ‘data/CARS’ and extract again.

It probably works without doing this but just in case, you know.



1. Remove Pip’s original SMACHINE folder in your ‘data/CARS/’ directory (if you have it installed)

2. Extract the archive to your C2 folder

3. Use Carstockalypse (or your own knowledge of OPPONENT.txt editing) to install the vehicle

4. Play the game



Thank you goes out to all of the guys at #carmageddon for giving me feedback and suggestions
Errol – Very helpful you are! Indeed.
Stainless – for making this incredible series of games and for making a new one (
CWABoard members – for keeping the game alive all of this time


This vehicle can be downloaded from the downloads section of this site.

If you want to leave any feedback or require any support, please visit the CWA Board and leave a reply on the relevant thread.