New Destruction Derby RAW mod page!


Hey, I’ve added a new page to the site, it’s replaced the ‘Forum’ link which linked to, this link now takes you to a page about the DDRAW mod, there’s not much on it at the moment, only previews of the mod but it will be updated as time progresses and as I’ve said before, keep checking up on my DDRAW mod thread on the CWABoard for more information and updates on the mod.

Click here for the thread

An Alpha test version of Four will be released later this week.

Also, I’ve recently reskinned Maxine’s Combine Harvester into Farmer Fright’s Harvester 2, take a look at the conversions page to see it.
Click here for the C2 to C2 conversions page

The Harvester 2 can be found at the CWABoard


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